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How It Works


We start by planning out every aspect of your application process. Noting deadlines and setting milestones. Most importantly, we help you decide which programs to apply to based on your unique profile.


Your new application expert will meet with you to discuss your background, strategize a plan of action, and begin a complete restructuring of your Personal Statement (SOP) and C.V.


After meeting, it’s time to get to work. Your application specialist will implement the changes you discussed and provide updated drafts for you to review


You’ve just got your first acceptance letters! But it’s not over yet – we’ll help you figure out which program will best propel your medical career!

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What Our Clients Say

“My consultant was very helpful. She did everything on time, with a very good communication. I was very happy with my CV and Personal Statement at the end. She did a great job, I would recommend her to others too.” – Univ. of Colorado Class of 2016

Univ. of Colorado Class of 2016

“Writing was huge problem for me as I’m not native speaker. The team really took time and greatly improved my PS and CV and my overall application. As a result, I’ve got 4 school interviews and finally got into one of the best school in the world.”

Esther B. , UCLA Class of 2016

“The first experience when working with International Dentist Central was very helpful. The first cycle that I applied offered me 4 interview invitations. But when I received the refusal of the first 3 schools (even though that I thought I did a great job), I knew that I had to investigate the causes of failure and got help from experienced people. I decided to go online on her website, got my personal statement and CV edited, my interview skills improved. My consultant gave me so good advice. Honestly, for all the money I spent to make it work, it’s truly worth investing. And I made it to COLORADO dental school. ”

D.C. Univ. of Colorado Class of 2016


This is what the process looks like simplified. You and your editor will stay in close touch during this process.

Each essay we work on is unique to each candidate. We strive to help you express a highly unique and differentiated version of yourself through your documents, not one that looks like your competitors. Plagiarism is not only unethical, it’s a foolish and risky practice.

No, we don’t and we really shouldn’t be doing that anyway. Our role is to help present you as the best possible candidate you can be. It’s crucial that your essays convey your own voice in them, which isn’t possible with ghost-writing. We understand that writing essays is a daunting task – try writing your first draft without worrying about whether this is good or not, but rather just let it come out as if you’re telling your story to a friend – you can always edit it. It helps the creativity going.

Your Personal Statement (SOP) and C.V. are a joint effort between you and your editor. Most documents are done after 2-3 rounds of edits (depending upon your selected package), that is, you write, editor edits, you make more changes, editor touches it up again, and this end result usually ends up satisfying both the editor and you.

Each round of edits take about 4-5 days, so you can count the editor’s time as 8-10 days considering the 2-3 rounds. The final time will depend mostly on how long you take to do your part

We will try our best to accommodate you, we definitely don’t want you to miss a deadline. Though we secretly hope you’ll signup with us far ahead of any deadlines you have so that we can best accommodate your schedule.

If you really need things turned around faster, we do offer an optional rush service at an additional rate. Shoot us a message to get the current rush rates, making sure to let us know which projects they’re for.

Once clients get started, most get help with everything, and this is what we recommend for several reasons:

1. It doesn’t look good to submit an awesome personal statement and not-so-good CV or digital application. The application lacks consistency and errors in your digital application or CV will lower the quality of your overall application. The way things are worded and described are important.

2. Your editor knows your situation now, so it’s easy to continue on. It will also streamline your application to build a strong and consistent persona to present to the committee.

3. All of our past clients who did so were happy they did.

If you haven’t heard back within about 2 business days (Mon-Fri), consider reaching out to other editors that may be able to assist you with your application documents. If you need help finding an available editor, just send us a message and we’d be happy to let you know which editors are available to take on new projects!

We understand that not all personalities fit together perfectly all the time. Just let us know as soon as you can in the process so that we can pair you with someone who is a better fit!

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