We started Editing @ International Dentist Central as a way provide Exceptional Application Editing Help tailored to the specific needs of dentists. We’ve helped hundreds of dental-bound candidates with their applications over the years . . .

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Our Founders

Kevin spent the first decade of his career working in higher education at California Polytechnic State University. For over 6 years he served on dozens of selection committees where he thoroughly reviewed thousands of applications and interviewed hundreds of prospective candidates: students, faculty, and staff members alike.

“Each year we’d go through a lengthy and exhausting selection process lasting several months,” he recalls,  providing a sneak peek of what the typical admissions committee goes through.

“It was challenging but I learned a great deal while interacting and interviewing candidates. Many people at interviews give answers they think interviewers want to hear, I can tell you that’s the biggest mistake you can make during the interview”

After being on the committee he landed every position he interviewed at – IBM, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin to name a few – which are all fortune 100 companies. This is a true testament to his interviewing skills.

Kevin has spent the past 5 years assisting dentists and doctors with their applications in order to enable them to get into the medical and dental programs of their dreams.

Kevin Marshall

Dr. Alyssa Marshall

Dr. Alyssa is a U.S. dentist and a graduate of UCLA’s Schools of Dentistry. Having moved to the U.S. from South Korea right after finishing dental school there, Dr. Alyssa spent over 10 years in dental school combined with years of practice.

With a mediocre GPA and high hopes after coming to the U.S., she had no clue of what she needed to do to practice in the US, nor how to make her application standout. After stumbling terribly the first year of applying to U.S. dental programs, she learned the secrets and valuable lessons that allowed her excell the second year, receiving multiple acceptances and even turning down interview invitations.

She’s now a proud mentor with Editing @ International Dentist Central and International Dentist Central helping dentists and doctors achieve their dream.

“To make your goal a reality you need to shift the way you think of admissions entirely” she says. “We come from different countries and by default approach things from our perspective, but the system here is completely different. Put energy in understanding that and looking at things from their point of view, not yours, and you’ll be ahead of most people”.

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